Big Jay Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson

At Knock, Knock! We’re all about pulling neighbors together under the banner of storytelling. We feel that the act of telling is powerful and equalizing; it is honest and often hilarious. You never know where someone’s been until they’ve told you. First, you have to ask.

Our primary production Knock, Knock! It’s your neighbor is an annual, live storytelling show about extraordinary and often bizarre neighbor relationships. Now in our second year we are more excited and ready than ever to put real neighbors on stage in front of an audience.

Join us at Helium Comedy Club and learn the true nature of neighboring under the theme “Mistakes of Neighborly Proportions: Tales of Misadventure, Mishap and Misconception”. We trust that our storytellers will take you high and then low, so be prepared to both laugh and have your little heart-string tugged on. And that isn’t all, we’ve got two improv troupes who will riff on our true tales of neighborly interaction – you wont want to miss the comedic stylings of Administration and Black by Popular Demand!

In September 2013 Courtenay Hameister of Live Wire! Radio hosted our first round of Knock, Knock! at the Bagdad Theater. Seven outstanding storytellers left the audience wishing for more and The Jackalope Saints gave them a reason to clap their hands and stomp their feet. Close to 300 people were present and more than $2000 was raised to fund projects that partner neighborhoods and local artists to dream up creative and interactive projects that encourage the public to take positive action in their communities.

Knock, Knock! is presented by SE Uplift neighborhood Coalition, a coalition of 20 SE/NE Portland Neighborhoods