Vol. 3 | October 2016

In Memoriam Edition

Greg Giraldo
"One of the f*cking best. He did truly smart comedy that represented the underdog and told the truth." - Mike Birbiglia
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Patrice O'Neal
"He really understood people, and he was unafraid of the audience disagreeing with him, which was beautiful." - Jim Norton
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Mitch Hedberg
"He's not hinged to a time and he's not hinged to a topic. He was a real, kind of poetic mind." - Marc Maron
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Robin Williams
"He was absolutely free and absolutely stunning – he could do anything and often did." - Margaret Cho
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Joan Rivers
“Every woman in comedy is indebted to her. She was there at the beginning and funny to the end." - Amy Poehler
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Andy Kaufman
“Kaufman’s like a squirrel going over the Grand Canyon saying, ‘Give up the nuts or die.’” - Robin Williams
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George Carlin
"His humor was brave and always challenging us to look at ourselves and question our belief systems." - Ben Stiller
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Richard Pryor
"Richard Pryor is truly one of the great artists of our time. His comic genius and influence remain unparalleled." - Eddie Murphy
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Lenny Bruce
"[he] helped push the culture forward into the light of open and honest expression." - George Carlin
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Bill Hicks
"An inspired and inspiring truth teller, dangerous and brave and scary, all at once." - Richard Pryor
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